„Hi everyone,

I am Weronika, and I am an active person. I do pole dance, crossfit, gym workout, I do different kinds of trainings every day.

Some time ago I reached a point when I felt fatigued, my muscles were in pain and I was less and less satisfied with my performance.

Because I wanted to recover I started to look for a massage therapist.

I knew exactly what kind of specialist I needed, therefore I was pretty demanding. When a close friend of mine told me about Andrei Simion, I really hoped he would be as good as my friend described him.

After first session with Andrei I felt like newly born. This guy is a professional therapist with a personal approach to customers. He made me familiar with his recommendations regarding my back problems, which I followed. We started professional massage sessions on a regular basis, combined with training sessions supervised by him.

After almost two months I can definitely say that I feel stronger, more flexible and relaxed. He helped me to relieve pain, stress and the back tension, as well.

My physician from Poland said that my back never looked so relaxed and that the alignment of the spine improved after these six months of therapies with Andrei.

Andrei became a close friend of me and my husband and over the last few months he taught me how to trust myself when it comes about my body and my health.

Andrei also reminded me a very important rule: if I want to feel stronger and relaxed, it is the rest that makes the difference, not the continuous effort.

Thank you, Andrei for sharing with me your knowledge and for your passion towards your patients.”