Recommendation letter

While employed at the British School of Bucharest, I regularly visited and used a range of treatments by Andrei Simion over a period of two years.

Dedicated to his work Andrei exhibits impressive levels of determination, is very well-organised, conscientious and utterly reliable. Determined and charismatic by nature, this shines through in his work. During the recovery process of my lower back, Andrei quickly got to grips with an extensive glossary of subject specific issues, indeed he was able to explain these issues in a simplified, easy to understand manner. It is obvious he reads widely around his field and exhibits a constant ambition to further improve.

Andrei’s range of treatments and practical skills are excellent and this is testament to the perseverance he has shown, gaining multiple qualifications, beyond his post secondary education career. Treatment was carried out with precision and care. Furthermore, Andrei was keen to articulate and keen to discuss his work and suggestion of treatments in a constructive and helpful manner. His strong work ethic and continued endeavor to self-improve ensured the whole process was outstanding.

As an expatriate it is always a daunting experience trying to find a reliable therapist. Andrei Simion was just that. I would recommend him to you without reservation as a therapist of exceptional note.

Paul Farrell

Head of Sixth Form

British School of Bucharest