„I have been attending Andrei`s clinic since I moved to Bucharest fall 2014. I have had trouble with my pelvic and my lower back for about 7 years and I wasn’t able to perform any sports at all. Prior to my arrival in Bucharest I have been seeing chiropractors on a weekly basis and they have somehow kept me going. However, maybe because chiropractors only spend 5-10 minutes each time for treatment I feel I have not become any better. Andrei offers a much wider and in depth treatment than the chiropractors and I can spend up to two hours on the bench for massage, adjustments and other treatment of sore muscles etc. I think the in depth massages and other treatments prevents injuries and pain in addition to repairing existing ones. After half a year with treatment at Andrei`s clinic I feel better than for years. I highly recommend him as a therapist.”