“Before having my first session with Andrei, i was really skeptical, due to my past experiences with different people who provoked more harm than good.”

But after several times visiting Andrei, i have to say: he is one of the best, if not the best specialist out there. He operates trough a wide array of techniques (dry needling, sports massage therapy, chiropractic treatments) in which he exhibits great passion and dedication for his work and his clients’ needs. From the very first session i experienced great muscular relief. Andrei not only acts as an outstanding therapist, but also as a teacher who is always willing to help me improve in my sport – related activities. The pain i once felt in my cervical area is almost completely gone, and i only experience it when i am really stressed or tired. My knees are once again feeling normal and i have improved my overall technique and vision about the physical activity. I wholeheartedly recommend Andrei to anyone who is currently suffering from physical problems and wishes to return to their optimal physical condition. He is definitely part of a handful of people who thrive to hone their skills and take pleasure in their work everyday. Thank you, Andrei Simion. I could not be more grateful.