Concordia International
2080 Mackay, Annex X

July 15, 2009
To whom it may concern,
I am writing this letter to give my highest possible recommendation to Mr. Andrei Simion in
his capacity as a manual therapist. I have known Mr. Andrei Simion for approximately one
year while he lived in Montreal and I have absolutely no doubt that he is the best and most
professional manual therapist that I have had in my many years of receiving therapies.
Mr. Simion was always extremely professional in his approach and made me feel extremely
comfortable and at ease. He is also very attentive to my needs and always took the time
prior to my therapy to ask about my specific aches and pains. As an extremely active and
athletic person, I suffer from many joint and muscle pains, and therefore I often required
extremely intense physiotherapy and manual therapy sessions. Mr. Simion is extremely
knowledgeable when it comes to the human skeletal and muscular system, and so he
always knew exactly where the source of my problem was.
I also appreciated his sense of cleanliness and personal hygiene, always maintaining a level
of professionalism that I appreciated and which I think is extremely important when dealing
with someone in such an intimate situation. He is likable and friendly without being too
familiar or inappropriate.
I strongly recommend Mr. Andrei Simion, without any hesitation, for any position that he may
wish to pursue in his professional life.
Christine Archer
International Liaison Officer
Americas, Asia & Oceania
Concordia International
Concordia University